10 Centerpiece Ideas for the 4th of July

Patriotic picnics are a tradition for many on the Fourth of July filled with fabulous treats and fresh garden picked fruits and veggies. Create a little more excitement for your table by creating a Fourth of July centerpiece that is festive and fun.

1. Floral Centerpiece

There are many red, white and blue flowers that make phenomenal centerpieces, quite a few inexpensive ones as well. Find a red, white or blue colander and place a square of florists foam inside. Then use Gerber Daisies of red and white to make a beautiful floral centerpiece. Use small vases to contain singe flowers along the length of the table.


2. Edible Flag

Why not make a centerpiece that doubles as dessert. Bake a number of cupcakes and decorate and arrange them to look like an American flag with solid red and white frosted ones and blue frosted ones with a white candy star on top. Tiny cupcakes work best as they take up less space and then the kids can have one of each color.  Decorative cupcakes on raised platters can also be used for the same tasty effect.


3. Red, White and Blue

Make fruit skewers of strawberries and banana with a fourth of the skewers having blueberries on the top half. arange to line up as an American flag. For a no-fuss version, find three decorative bowls or use simple glass containers decorated with a ribbon and fill one with strawberries and raspberries, fill another with blueberries and blackberries and fill one with whipped cream.  You can arrange this in the middle or create a couple clusters so everyone can snack on these healthy treats.


4. Rocket Firework

This centerpiece is a fun little craft that the kids can help you make too. Find patriotic scrapbooking paper and have them roll one sheet into a cylinder, tape that together. Cut a circle out of another piece of paper, make the circle about twice as big as the diameter of the cylinder. Make one cut to the center of the circle and then bring one end of the circle over the other to form a cone that will top the rocket. Then bend some craft wire into a spiral with a wide round base and twist gold tinsel garland around it.  Secure it inside the cylinder and you’ve got a rocket post blast off!


5. Americana

Americana is so popular that you can use this centerpiece all summer long. Print out several images that remind you of America’s past and decoupage them to a plain terra cotta pot. Add little embellishments from a scrapbooking store if you wish. And then pot a blooming plant in the center. 


6. Candy Centerpieces

Create impressive centerpieces with very tall, thin vases that you can fill with colored red, white and blue candies. Tie ribbons onto these vases to add a little more excitement and flair.


photo courtesy of The Crafty Hostess

7. Flags and Flowers

Pick up a bunch of American flags and a large bouquet of red, white and blue flowers and then tuck the flags in throughout the bouquet.


8. Yummy Uncle Sam

This centerpiece idea is just as easy but much more delicious. Purchase an Uncle Sam hat and flip it upside down and fill the inside of the hat with individually wrapped hard candies for your guests to snack on. For a healthy version, line the hat with tin foil and fill it with crudities and nestle in a little bowl of dip.


9. Candles and Flags

Print out some flags or other patriotic images on your printer (or buy pre-cut shapes) and glue them to large pillar candles or candle holders. Make sure they aren’t glued to the top so when the candles are lit you don’t have a fire. 


10. Pinwheels

Fill tin watering pitchers with sand and place 3-4 patriotic pinwheels right in the sand. If you don't have the materials on hand, they can be found in most craft stores. To go a step further, paint the tin pitchers in Americana style to give an old feel.


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